Gilberto Ramirez Creates Authentic Italian Cuisine in Austin

Our Expert Chef Is a Master of Cuisines And Techniques

Recently named "One of Austin's Most Innovative Executive Chefs" by the Huffington Post, Osteria Pronto's Executive Chef, Chef Gilberto Ramirez, is a talented culinarian with a wealth of knowledge in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, and is paramount to the success of the restaurant. By using the finest ingredients, and his expansive culinary knowledge, he creates some of the finest Italian cuisine in Austin.

His leadership and culinary influence add a special ingredient to the many robust flavors for which this renowned establishment is known. A native of the Dominican Republic, he was inspired by his mother, who is an incredible cook, and his father, who raised goats, chickens and pigs and owned land where they grew their own produce, such as yucca, plantains and peppers. At the age of 13, he started working in a family owned restaurant busing tables, and he quickly learned that he truly belonged in the kitchen. Chef Ramirez enrolled in the Le Cordon Blue Program at Orlando Culinary Academy in 2005, earning an Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts the following year.

He began his culinary career as a line cook at the JW Marriott Orlando's restaurant, Citron, in June 2005. Since then, his skill set has benefited hundreds of daily guests and the many cooks he has supervised. His hard work led to a Chef de Cuisine appointment at Primo in April 2011. Chef Gilberto has cooked at many high-end restaurants, learning many types of cuisines and techniques. He recently trained at Eleven Madison Park and Manresa.